Today's Rate: GOLD 22K (1GM) - ₹ 6780/- & SILVER (1GM) - ₹ 99/-
Today's Rate : GOLD 22K (1GM) - ₹ 6780/- & SILVER (1GM) - ₹ 99/-

Benefits of the Scheme:

1. SPE Swarnam Scheme offers customers to choose the amount from minimum of ₹2,500 and maximum of ₹50,000.
2. In this 10 month scheme customer can pay any amount and grams will be credited. The monthly amount you pay varies.
3. GST will be applicable and VA(wastage & Making) charges will be excluded.

JANUARY₹ 2000₹ 46000.434
FEBRUARY₹ 2000₹ 49500.404
MARCH₹ 3000₹ 47500.631
APRIL₹ 4000₹ 48000.833
MAY₹ 2500₹ 49000.510
JUNE₹ 3500₹ 47000.744
JULY₹ 5000₹ 48001.041
AUGUST₹ 2000₹ 50100.399
SEPTEMBER₹ 4000₹ 50600.790
OCTOBER₹ 6000₹ 49501.212
TOTAL₹ 340006.998

Terms & Conditions:

1. On registration account number will be generated and assigned to the customer
2. Payments can be made online or in person.
3. At the end of 11th month customer can buy gold jewelry /silver jewelry according to the amount paid.
4. GST and other Government charges are applicable.
5. Customer is requested to inform the Company if there is any change in address, mobile number.
6. For chit scheme of 50,000 monthly pan number should be provided at the time registration.
7. Nomination facility is available and for those nominated, are eligible for purchase at the end of the scheme.
8. Government authorized ID proofs are accepted: Aadhar, Voter-id, Driving License, Passport.
9. Cash will not be paid at the end of the scheme.
10. Incase customer discontinues the scheme half way, customer needs to wait till the end of the scheme and purchase gold/silver according to their choice.
11. Incase customer has not claimed the amount for purchase of gold/silver, the Company will wait for 30 days and will refund by way of cheque to the customer’s address.
12. The customer can walk-in with the cheque issued and purchase gold/silver or can deposit the cheque.
13. Cash cannot be redeemed at the end of all the scheme.
14. Customer’s own design can be made when the chit scheme starts and can buy at the end of scheme.
15. Customer can book their favourite ornament or jewelry at the time of enrolling for the scheme.
16. Jewelry cannot be redeemed by lump-sum payment in this scheme.
17. Multiple schemes can be taken by a single customer.
18. Only individuals can enroll in this scheme and enrolment of PVT. LTD. Companies, partnership
companies and proprietorship companies, Hindu undivided families (HUF) are not allowed.
19. Reminders will be sent to the registered mobile number for the benefit of the customer to get benefitted in the scheme taken.
20. Any conditions that are explicitly concerned above would be the discretion of the Company at the time of transaction or redemption, the decision of the Company in this regard would be deemed as irrevocable and final.
21. Disputes, if any will be subject to the courts of Chennai jurisdiction.
22. Incase of any changes in existing Laws, Rules, Acts etc., or by any regulatory authority, the Company reserves the right to make such modification changes/ suspend / discontinue the scheme suitable to the change of Law and necessary requirements as per the same have to be compiled with the customer.
23. The customer signature at the time maturity must match with the signature at the time of registeration.

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