Today's Rate: GOLD 22K (1GM) - ₹ 6920/- & SILVER (1GM) - ₹ 101/-
Today's Rate : GOLD 22K (1GM) - ₹ 6920/- & SILVER (1GM) - ₹ 101/-

About SPE Gold

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SPE Gold is a reputable brand celebrated for its fine customized Gold Jewellery and Innovative Savings Schemes. As a manufacturer, SPE Gold takes pride in its in-house operations, ensuring complete control over product quality. Their commitment to excellence is evident in a diverse range of meticulously crafted designs, blending traditional artistry with contemporary styles. Whether it’s bespoke jewellery or strategic investments through schemes like the 10+1 Gold Saving Scheme, swaranam scheme, gold bond scheme – your golden path to smart and secure investments.  SPE Gold stands out for its dedication to customer satisfaction, transparent processes, and a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity in every piece.

We have over 5000+ different designs for you to choose from all of these designs are handcrafted with care, allowing you to choose the gold purity and color, as well as the Stones, to match your individual needs.
Our retail locations have helped to spread the word regarding SPE and come closer to you. Our store is a glittering gem, with Good-class experienced art designers and craftsmen, a friendly crew, and the classic beauty of superb Jewellery. Each of our products is a symbol of perfection, with cutting-edge creativity and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that the brilliance of our Jewellery is well represented. We will provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, and also Certified Gold and Lifetime Replacement. With our complimentary Try at Home service, you can enjoy quality shopping with comfort and privacy.



To bring you the finest, we pay close attention to current Jewellery trends and client feedback. Each uniquely produced item goes through multiple quality checks before arriving at your door with our made-to-order model. We have a design to fit every mood, budget, and occasion, whether you want plain gold or gemstone Jewellery.

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